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Our Clients Speak

Delight your guests at any event with music that will make their hearts and spirits dance.  Harpist Linda Brown imparts an intimate presence and warm ambience to each venue with the enchanting sound of her Celtic Harp.

We'd love to make your special day memorable.

Mother of the Bride-

"Thank you so much for making the wedding such a special day. Your harp music is so calming to my spirit. I really needed it that day."

Hospice Worker

“I believe your music helped set the tone for the group and added a spiritual presence."

Elementary School Teacher

“Wow! What an extraordinary experience to get to see and hear you play your harp! The calm beauty of your harp music blessed us all and the gentle grace of your presentation doubly so."

Hospice Worker

"Thank you so much for the beauty of your art in playing the harp. Blessings to you for your work with us."



*Linda Brown

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